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Engineering Leader: How to make a difference?

Being an engineering leader is not an easy task, especially when you are stepping into this role as a first-timer. Seldom you go through a training, however in most situations you are expected to figure it out yourself with little or no guidance. Often leadership demands you to play following roles:
People ManagerProduct/Business knowledgeArchitect/Senior DeveloperVision for technology I will be writing separate blogs to cover the first two roles. For a beginner, last two roles are very important to gain credibility of the team which is the most important factor in succeeding at your job.
As a technical leader, you will be facing the challenges from all the directions like decision making, improving team efficiency and choosing the technology roadmap for your team. However, I hope adopting following patterns can help you sail through these challenges.

Decision Making: When hit with the problem, as a techie you rely on your technical skills and often start suggesting solutions immedia…