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Play framework 1.2.x excel export with I18n and custom filename

play-excel is very well written plugin of Play-framework for exporting excel from java objects.

I used this plugin for my requirement of generating the I18n supported xls with custom names. This blog will explain this in details so that I can use it later :).

Line# 4: will basically make the play-excel to take the render functionality in play. (you can also use xlsx instead of "xls")

Line# 5: Will set the exported filename to given name i.e. "downloadUsers.xls"

Line# 6&7: pick up the template from views//users_.xls.

2. public static void users() { 3. List users = User.findAll(); 4. request.format = "xls"; 5. renderArgs.put("__FILE_NAME__", "downloadUsers.xls"); 6. String template = "users-" + Lang.get() + ".xls"; 7. renderTemplate(template, users); 8. } That's it you are done. Happy coding :).