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60 days at expedia India

I am about to complete 60 days in expedia and till now the ride has been fun.

I joined expedia hoping challenging work, participating in building a good team and workplace full of geniuses. To be frank everything is as close to reality as i thought.

The experience is amazing, people are awesome, the new office is great, parties are crazy, but the most important think is freedom to express yourself and asking questions. And people around you listen and have enough patience to make you feel comfortable ;) .

Work wise finishing user stories (part of on-boarding process), building a team by interviewing brightest mind in the industry and ideating about new ideas to make it a better workplace. And to emphasis working on one of the biggest ecommerce platform is not easy. Its a great earning opportunity and even bigger to contributing in one of the fastest growing industry.

I hope this answers whether you should join here or not.

Looking forward to see on board ;).