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Spring Roo is amazing

Developer spend 75% of their time working on boiler-plate code. Spring Roo do amazing job of doing that for you and gets you started really-2 fast. After that you can follow the application curve if writing the business logic.

Why Roo?

Define the class and its relation it will generate the DB using hibernate you can generate the controller's ( and UI) from the same classes with CURD operation supportedtest code is also gets generated code generated is clean and easy to modifydependency resolution happens through mavenonce you are done projects are eclipse readyeasy to get rid of metadata for production  Other tools:
I came across Grails but i needed a framework which will generate the java so roo was the better choice for me
Video helped me get started:

Netbeans or Eclipse which one to choose

There are so many articles on the web discussing this, what i am going to do is just briefly explain pros and cons of each which will help you choose better.

DescriptionNetbeansEclipsePluginsIt helps you extent the reach of your IDE to newer technologies without changing the IDEGoodGoodCode RefactorReflects the change made in all the references DecentGoodGetting StartedTime it takes to get going on with your applicationGoodDecentEnterprise SupportUsage in big companies, spending effort in eclipse DecentGoodDebuggingEasy in which you can find a problemDecentGoodUILooks oldDecentGoodSpell CheckNot PresentDecentCode GeneratorsGoodGood
Hope this will help you in making a choice.

First CXF-RS service with Tomcat web-container

Looking to get started on CXF-RS, well that was what i was looking for and there are load of articles doing however none of them provide sufficient bullet points to make me understand how the control is following are how to debug the application if something is not working. Well that's what i am going to write here.

Following are components you need to get started with first CXF-RS: TomcatEclipse (or some equivalent IDE)Spring Create a dynamic web project in the eclipse (this is nothing but a simple web project which can deployed and can run when deployed in the web container like Tomcat).
Keep your eye on the bold terms featuring in the files...

Start will writing the web.xml descriptor file.



CXF Servlet




Second step is writing the deploy-context.xml and keep it in WEB-INF folder.

Java classes needed for the this:

1. com.…