Comparison between Firefox 4 and IE 9

Guys I have installed the latest version of both the browsers as an developer my comparison are tabled below. This is what i have experienced and doesn't based on any statics:
IE 9 FF4
JS running time IE is definitely better than earlier IE's FF is much faster than any browser i am using right now (which includes Safari 5, chrome 10) and is comparable to chrome 10 on win 7.
Look and Feel IE looks much better and lesser cluttered FF doesn't look bad
Toolbar usage buttons like refresh and Go etc... IE embeds them in the address bar and i find it quite confusing and harder to use (you can customize and move refresh button to the front of address bar but for me result was no different in usage) FF doesn't Change from previous versions
Notifications (Save a file. block script etc.) Notification bar pops up from the bottom of the page which takes time to get use too FF doesn't Change from previous versions
Address Bar Provides united Address and search bar gives good experience FF doesn't Change from previous versions, although it shows the book marks and favorites and shows you if tab is already opened
Tabs Tabs are given adjust to address bar which gives you more real estate to view the page however space for tabs is less you might need to go for the option of "Show Tabs in separate row" Provides the functionality of tabs on top and also Aapp tab which are good features


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