Interview at Progress Software

I have given interviews before however this one was special. Lets start from the beginning.

I got the call from Progress Software and i was scheduled for telephonic discussion on the next day.

Next day i got the call from HR and she started with some questions on Java and some basic puzzles (i wasn't very impressed with the thought of so called HR technical interview, anyways) and soon after it i got scheduled for another telephonic technical interview. The interview went well and it was basically on Java, design problems and little bit algos.

After a week i got call from HR for the F2F interviews in hyd and they said they will be sponsoring the trip. This is the first time I googled about Progress Software (but didn't get much of an idea except for the good share price :) ). I said yes for the onsite interviews (more than company hyderabadi biryani was calling me :) ).

Onsite started on the sad note as after delayed flight (because of fog in Delhi) HR introduced to be a guy who took me to explained me about the coding round, and to be frank i am not a fan of coding rounds. However i liked the problem statement and enjoyed solving it. Same guy came after every 30-45 mins and asked me about what i am thinking about the problem and how i will be solving it etc etc. The round went well although i took some extra time in it.

The next round was the technical interview which is mix of algos, puzzles and Java questions plus questions from your expertise. This was the good interview however interviewer had set of questions, from which was covering generally this interviews don't stretch but mine went for more than an hour.

By now i was totally exhausted and it was 5 in the evening as i started from home @4am in the morning, i was loosing interest.

Then again HR came and said, you have one more technical round and one HR round pending for the day.

The next interviewer was with the director and i was thinking it will be the discussion on various projects i have done my last experience etc etc. I was proved wrong as this interview changed my perception about the company, again i was asked algos, design and Java problems, but the level of questions was changed the questions were good i enjoyed solving them. They were based on your ability to solve the technical problems and will for sure test your thinking patterns. I also got the overview about the company and what people do here etc etc.

After this round, i was impressed and it is the first time i thought of actually joining the company. Immediately after this i had 10 mins HR round and I was free for the day @8pm :’( .

However I was excited as, I had planned to eat biryani in the dinner for which I travelled all the way to hyd.

Result: I cleared the interview and got the Joining letter from Progress in 1 week time for the position of SE-II.
I didn't mentioned the names and questions, firstly they won't make any difference secondly they are rarely same for 2 candidates.

Feel free to post your queries.



  1. can u please share a few technical inteview question? at least it will give an idea?

    R u working in progress software?

  2. Ahmed, give stress on data-structures, algo's and basics of what ever u have done till now...

    stay confident...

    best of luck

  3. Thanks Bro....

    I searched the web and I found a few interview questions for Progress software, and most of them were on Java and Database.

    I don't have experience in java.
    I can deal with C,C++, is it fine?
    Is it compulsory to have database knowledge of complex queries etc?

  4. You can code C/C++ but you should extremely good in language @your level of exp.

    No, not complex queries but you are supposed to know fundamentals of most of CS subjects including DB.

    P.S.: I left progress early this year bcoz of family commitments.

  5. Hi Subodh,

    For 6 years experienced how much do you think Progess can pay ?
    Currently my CTC is 10.5

    Please suggest.

  6. Depends on your interview, college, position u r applying 4 etc...

  7. hi i got the call from hr regarding intern position,

    what the questions i can expect ?

    can u help on this issue?

    i'm interested in java.

    looking forward for u r replay.
    thank u

  8. Expect questions on DS, algo, language u know and projects u have worked on.

    best of luck...

  9. Hi Subodh,

    I am appearing for an interview with these guys in a couple of days, I am pretty much confident about the other things except for their coding round, because I am very poor remembering specs of various APIs....would it be just writing it on a paper or do we have to write a working program on a PC?


  10. Last I know, coding round was use to happen on machine i.e. working code. And i really loved that part of interview process because problem is really challenging and tests your coding and debugging skills.

    Hope this helps.

    best of luck...

  11. Thanks for your response. I actually asked the HR about it when she called me yesterday. She mentioned it will be on the PC & it will be an open book test, we can access the internet as well...thats actually cool.

  12. Can you please let me know what concepts will be tested in programming round? does it include multi threading aspects? Also do we need to start writing code from scratch or do we need to code on existing code base? I heard there will be two to three features developed in two to three hours.

    Thanks in advance. Have a nice day!

    1. 1. I think its hard to tell whats get tested because the test is to evaluate candidate in totality e.g. troubleshooting skills, code understanding, API knowledge and making improvement in existing code base.
      2. Multithreading wasn't there earlier hard to say what it will be now
      3. Already answered in first point.

      All the best...

    2. Thanks Subodh.

  13. Hi Subodh

    I have given the Face to Face interview on 19th June 2013 .

    I have gone through 3 rounds
    1. Technical(Core Java)
    2. Debugging (I had solved the problem statement)
    3. Manager round(Core Java)

    After all the round , Manager told me to go for HR round .

    But due to time constraint ,that day HR suggested me to leave early , because might be i missed the flight.
    HR told that She will call me next day.

    But i couldn't get the call .
    Then i have sent her the thanks note and also called next day about the interview feedback and further update.

    She told me that Once she will have the feedback , she will call me back.

    Now its around 2 week , but i couldn't get the call.

    Please suggest , do i need wait more or do i need to call HR to get the status?

  14. Drop a mail to HR or top on the mail you would have got for interview. Saying mentioning your concern.

  15. Frankly speaking if you can't give the questions asked then all this is of no help at all. Whatever you told was told to me by the HR on the very first day. Anyone giving an interview wants to solve some sample questions, and if you can't give that then there is no point to all this.


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