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Interview at Progress Software

I have given interviews before however this one was special. Lets start from the beginning.

I got the call from Progress Software and i was scheduled for telephonic discussion on the next day.

Next day i got the call from HR and she started with some questions on Java and some basic puzzles (i wasn't very impressed with the thought of so called HR technical interview, anyways) and soon after it i got scheduled for another telephonic technical interview. The interview went well and it was basically on Java, design problems and little bit algos.

After a week i got call from HR for the F2F interviews in hyd and they said they will be sponsoring the trip. This is the first time I googled about Progress Software (but didn't get much of an idea except for the good share price :) ). I said yes for the onsite interviews (more than company hyderabadi biryani was calling me :) ).

Onsite started on the sad note as after delayed flight (because of fog in Delhi) HR introduced to be a guy w…

Java API for Print, Browse, Shutdown from Simple Java Program on Windows OS

I have been working on a app which takes the commands from database and execute on a windows machine (XP,Vista & 7). Commands include browse(given a link), print (given a location) and shutdown the machine. I have utilized the Java Desktop API for solving this problem i have used this post. All you need is following three snippets:

1. Get Desktop instance:

Desktop desktop = null; if (Desktop.isDesktopSupported()) { desktop = Desktop.getDesktop();

2. For Browse/Open file:
      File file = new File("url");;

3. For Print file:         File file = new File("url");          desktop.print(file);
3. For Shutdown file:  Process child = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("shutdown -s");